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Get A Second Set of Sleep Patches for 50% OFF
People are getting a great nights sleep with our new Sleep Patches. Now you can get a second set of 30 patches for 50% off when you order one. *Add two to the cart to see your discount.

Buy Two EMR Patches, Get a Third Free - SAVE $90
Get a third EMR SMART Patch for FREE when you order two. This package contains all three patches at the discounted price. Save $90.

FREE Energizing Salt Lamp with Harmony Cube Purchase - Save $149

$99 eWater Shower Filter - SAVE $70
Get the amazing Revitalizing eWater Shower filter for just $99. That's a savings of $70!

2 FREE EMR SMART Patches - When you get an EP2 Plus.
Save $218 dollars when you get the EP2 Plus Pendant with a chain or cord. You get 2 FREE EMR SMART Patches. That is the ultimate combo in EMF & EMR Protection for yourself.

Save $75 With This 5 Pack of Harmony Drops
Each bottle is only $15 when you get this five pack of Harmony Drops. The best structuring and balancing water catalyst.

Designer Color Shower Filters Are Still Available
Our best shower filter but in stylish designer colors. Thought our original shower filter's color was a bit ugly, so did others. Not a problem any more.

Ultimate Apartment Hydration package - Save $100
Contains the eWater Filter pitcher, Shower filter, and FREE 13oz Quanta mug